Land development, including rezonings, subdivision and development approvals, involves a wide range of environmental investigations, approvals and management plans. To take a proposal from the rezoning stage through to construction can be a lengthy process that requires environmental input from an experienced consultant at almost every stage.

Bayley Environmental Services provides a full range of services to the land development sector including:

- Flora and fauna baseline studies
- Groundwater investigations
- Wetland and buffer assessments
- Land capability assessments
- EPA and EPBC referrals
- Local Water Management Strategies
- Urban Water Management Plans
- Water Monitoring
- Wetland and foreshore management plans
- Construction management plans
- Groundwater licence applications and renewals
- Rehabilitation and landscape plans
- Annual environmental reporting

Over the years, Bayley Environmental Services has provided all of these services to a large range of projects, ranging from small developments of a few lots to some of Western Australia's largest land development projects for the State's largest developers. Examples of some of these projects can be found on the PROJECTS page.

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